About Me

My name is Jessica, but my middle name is Lani.  Hence, LaniGettingHealthy.  A year and a half ago I started a journey to a better me.  I don’t mean better as in thinner, although that is an awesome plus.  I mean better as in healthier.  I have lost 55 pounds so far and I would love to lose at least another 30.  I’ve worked hard to do all of this through nothing but diet and exercise.  I was so tired of gimmicks and quick fixes.  I don’t really believe in a lot of the “systems” that are out there.  I didn’t want any more “diets”.  I wanted a new lifestyle.  I wanted something that I could maintain without being miserable. I feel like I finally reached that goal of finding something that I can do without it being a struggle.  And ohhhh the energy!  I have gained so much energy and have tried so many new physical activities that I never would have done before.  In fact, many of them I couldn’t have done.  If you have ever struggled with weight, I hope you have found the right place.  I hope you have found a place of support, encouragement, and yumminess!  Because let’s face it, life is no fun if you can’t eat good food!



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